For your consideration I have created an appliqued piece of a primitive style sunflower.The applique itself has been created using wool that I have dyed then over dyed using my own special process to give it just the right appeal! I have then placed it into a 10 3/4" tall X 7 1/4" wide re-purposed frame that has been painted black then sanded just a bit to give in a time worn look.

I am kindly asking $23.00 which includes airfare.

SOLD~Thank you kindly Suzanne!!

Hand-did Wool Penny Runner

I have to say that making penny runners is one of my most favorite things to make! I find creating them not only relaxing but the end result is rewarding as well.

For your consideration I have handmade this runner that measures 23" long X 7 1/4" wide. Each penny is hand cut then hand sewn to create this lasting treasure. It is made completely from wool that has been over dyed using my own special process to give it a look from something made long ago! Penny mats and penny runners date back to the early 1800's where thrifty homemakers would re-purpose old clothing, blankets, and even wool hats. They would use coins as their templates to create the shapes hence the name penny mat. This penny runner is made from a total of 160 hand cut pennies. Each is stacked 4 on top of each other and then blanket stitched by hand.

I am kindly asking $65.00 which includes airfare!

Needle Minder

What is a Needle Minder? A really primitive name for a good ole' pin cushion! Don't you just love it??

This is my own design that I have created for your consideration. I have cut from wood a paddle that measures 9 1/2" long and is 4 1/2" at the widest point. I then re-purposed an old wool army blanket to create the pin cushion itself. I have stuffed it firmly with wool clippings from other projects. I then took the paddle and the cushion and applied my own special aging process. The items I've embellished the 'needle minder' with have came from my hubby's great great Aunt that gained her wings many years ago. The Belding Brothers Company spool of silk thread dates back to the late 1800's to the early 1900's. The twisted thread you see is also silk and was used to repair ladies stockings. Along with a few other treasures is also a glass tipped hat pin from long ago. 

I am kindly asking $22.00 which includes travel fare.
Thank-you for stopping by The Whistlestop!

Hand-did Pillow Tucks

For your consideration I have handmade 2 pillow tucks. One that reads 'Farmhouse' that measures 7 3/4" long X 4" wide and the other Bemis that measures 7" long X 4" wide. I have backed each pillow with re-purposed wool. Each pillow has been stuffed with rags and crushed walnut shells. These look wonderful tucked in a cupboard, on a shelf, or an old bowl! 
I am kindly asking $22.00 for the pair which includes airfare.