A Trio of Hand did Pumpkins

10 little pumpkins sitting on the fence.........
I can still hear my sweet lil' Gracie singing this song! 

What isn't there to like about pumpkins!? When I think of Fall my first thoughts are of pumpkins of all sorts and sizes!

I'm a waste not want not kind of gal! If it has purpose and its worn, then repurpose!! And this is exactly what I did with this trio of pumpkins!!

For your consideration is my trio of pumpkins! Perfect for your Fall decor! I have created 2 of these pumpkins from an old worn out vintage feedsack. I was able to get a couple nice hanks from it to create these one of a kind pumpkins. They have been hand sewn and then stuffed with some old snippens of wool and fabric with some crushed walnut added to give it a nice firm feel! The largest of the 3 I've taken and glued to an old textile bobbin. It measures 9 3/4" tall. The smallest pumpkins have been given the same technique and are approximately 5 1/2" tall. The one orange pumpkin has been created using a repurposed piece of old wool.

I am kindly asking $28.95 for the set plus shipping.

Thank-you for stopping by Whistlestop Primitives!

Thank-you kindly Sara!

Halloween Jack o' Lantern Hanging

Halloween....what great memories from my childhood I cherish!!

Our Momma would hand make all of our costumes. My all time favorite was my Red Riding Hood costume. She would use some wonderful calico's making them!  I can remember her sitting at her sewing machine that sat in front of a window sewing  for me and my 4 sisters. Oh the memories!!!
What was your favorite costume?

For you consideration I have created this Halloween hanging to greet those little trick or treaters!
This entire piece has been hand sewn and hand hooked! I've added some primitive flare to this hanging as well.
This measures 13" long X 9 1/2" wide. These measurements do not include the hanger.

I am kindly asking $38.95 plus shipping.

Thank-you for stopping by Whistlestop Primitives!!

Thank-you kindly Sara!

Primitive Pumpkin Cross Stitch

Ghosts......Goblins.....& Witches......oh my!!

That time of year is almost upon us and I couldn't be more thrilled! The picture perfect weather makes for wonderful porch sitting and stitchings!

I've created this cross-stitched pumpkin piece on a 28 count piece of linen. I then added it to this wonderful hand cut prim paddle board that I have grunged. I then added some black heavy duty tacks for some primitive flare.

This item measures 9 1/2" X 5 1/2" wide.

Thank-you kindly Sara!

Hand-did Wool Penny Runner

I have to say that making penny runners is one of my most favorite things to make! I find creating them not only relaxing but the end result is rewarding as well.

For your consideration I have handmade this runner that measures 23" long X 7 1/4" wide. Each penny is hand cut then hand sewn to create this lasting treasure. It is made completely from wool that has been over dyed using my own special process to give it a look from something made long ago! Penny mats and penny runners date back to the early 1800's where thrifty homemakers would re-purpose old clothing, blankets, and even wool hats. They would use coins as their templates to create the shapes hence the name penny mat. This penny runner is made from a total of 160 hand cut pennies. Each is stacked 4 on top of each other and then blanket stitched by hand.

I am kindly asking $42.95 plus shipping.

Thank-you kindly Sara!!